Bart Simpson (Show map with travel history)

Property of JimmyPrague, travelled 878.1km

In hands of user "Uhu_Donnervogel"

Bart Simpson

Goal of this item
[EN] Travel to its home country : USA !!! And take pictures of him at all the nice places all along the way.

[CZ] Dostat domu : do USA !!! A na ceste Bart se chce vyfotit na krasny miste ktery navstivi.
30. October 2011 10:43
Uhu_Donnervogel grabbed "Bart Simpson" from GC30MV3 History
hab den Tb von Waldspaziergang Bärlauch hoffe werde ihn bald auf die Reise schicken
25. August 2011 08:07
Gummiwiesel put "Bart Simpson" into GC2XRQT History
Und weiter geht es...
19. August 2011 16:26
Gummiwiesel grabbed "Bart Simpson" from GC2VM8Z History
Nächtens noch vom Hotel abgeholt - zum Weiterreisen...
16. July 2011 22:49
Webbaeda grabbed "Bart Simpson" from GC2P8C0 History
Wir nehmen Dich gerné mit und suchen Dir ein anderes Plätzchen
06. June 2011 07:09
Weidie put "Bart Simpson" into GC2P8C0 History
Droped it at zur airport.
30. May 2011 00:39
Thank you for logging it ! I hope it will fill its duty : travel to the USA, Springfield maybe :-)
29. May 2011 21:28
Weidie grabbed "Bart Simpson" from GC29NE3 History
Sorry, that i log it so late. I heard just a wile ago, where i should log it. Then i had to find it. I searched everywhere and finally it was in my wallet. I had it allways with me XD.
06. May 2011 13:50
JimmyPrague put "Bart Simpson" into GC29NE3 History
Yo, man !
06. May 2011 10:52
A Bart jde cestovat !
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