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Four-leaf #13 (Show map with travel history)

Property of Hawwwran, travelled 11116.5km

Now in GC2GJ3E History

Goal of this item
Mým cílem je prostě cestovat s keše do keše

My goal is just to travel from cache to cache
12. October 2010 17:16
Fam. Rand put "Four-leaf #13" into GC2GJ3E History
10. October 2010 21:09
Fam. Rand grabbed "Four-leaf #13" from GC2A6K3 History
Take this from Kollevåg geosyv and will take it to another cache soon. Wery nice TB.
31. July 2010 21:53
Subvertz grabbed "Four-leaf #13" from GC1PQE6 History
Moving on!
08. July 2010 19:43
Mrunte grabbed "Four-leaf #13" from GC2092G History
Will pass it along
17. April 2010 07:56
Wow... thank you... I thought it's dead. It's still alive and in Quatar... Great :-)
17. April 2010 05:10
Mrunte grabbed "Four-leaf #13" from GC24M3T History
First of those trackables
21. August 2009 10:18
Sorry... i have logged the #10 instead of this to koh tao.
19. August 2009 15:38
Team Muisje grabbed "Four-leaf #13" from GC1W799 History
found this in Koh Tao, Thailand. Now en route to Qatar. ciao, Team Muisje
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