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[EN] This is Lisa Simpson, sister of Bart and Maggie, daughter of Homer and Marge

[CZ] To je Lisa Simpson, no ji snad znate, ne?

Goal of this item
[EN] Lisa would like to join Bart (GC2P8C0) or Homer (QLB91G3) or Marge (QLJYPKC).
At the time when Lisa is created, Homer and Marge have already been reunited, but it can happen that someone separate them ... doh !

[CZ] Najit Barta (GC2P8C0) nebo Homera (QLB91G3) nebo Marge (QLJYPKC). Homer a Marge maji spolu cestovat, ale je mozny ze nekdo ji rozdeli ...
09. August 2011 18:50
LaRoseNoir grabbed "Lisa Simpson" from GC2ZVKC History
I found it in cache Mlyn Drevicek in Ceska. I left another TB in this cache by coincidence another Simpson TB !
01. August 2011 20:48
Ospa put "Lisa Simpson" into GC2ZVKC History
Tak šťastnou další cestu...
25. July 2011 14:43
Ospa grabbed "Lisa Simpson" from GC2QE95 History
Vezmu s sebou na sever..
16. July 2011 11:49
PetrAJana put "Lisa Simpson" into GC2QE95 History
Liza jela na jih ;) ...
26. June 2011 08:49
PetrAJana grabbed "Lisa Simpson" from GC2X17F History
24. June 2011 18:23
JimmyPrague put "Lisa Simpson" into GC2X17F History
Hi Mum, hi Dad, see you later
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