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Mince #2 (Show map with travel history)

Property of Hawwwran, travelled 13042.4km

Now in GC2KH4B History

CZ: Pěkná velká mince

EN: Nice big coin

Goal of this item
CZ: Chci procestovat celý svět. Foťte mne prosím s jinými mincemi

EN: I want to travel all over the world. Take photos of me with another coins
31. October 2012 22:04
I fear that I have left this coin in a hotel in Chicago :( I will do my best to recheck my belongings.
20. May 2012 02:08
Theyachtclub put "Mince #2" into GC2KH4B History
We dropped Mince in Red Deer, Alberta, Canada... to continue the journey! TFTTB [:)]
10. May 2012 05:45
Theyachtclub grabbed "Mince #2" from GC18GWZ History
01. July 2011 01:32
Washan46 grabbed "Mince #2" from GC26EZE History
Found this while walking to the farmer's market. Not going anywhere worldly, but I'll keep it moving along.
15. May 2011 16:01
Cache_boppin_BunnyFuFu put "Mince #2" into GC2QB7T History
Dropping off at the Nada Cache Dash GC2QB7T. A 5k run / walk event held by a geocaching couple who are soon to be married.
15. May 2011 15:56
Cache_boppin_BunnyFuFu grabbed "Mince #2" from somewhere else
Have had this one laying around for a while....sorry about that. Heading to an event today and will pass it on to land in a TB hotel.
18. July 2010 09:27
Team Idefips grabbed "Mince #2" from GC27R50 History
We will take it to Scottland. Regards Team Idefips
30. May 2010 20:27
ManniK put "Mince #2" into GC27R50 History
30. May 2010 20:26
ManniK grabbed "Mince #2" from GC1V769 History
Nice Coin
28. May 2010 18:27
Zickenbaendiger put "Mince #2" into GC1V769 History
und weiter
11. May 2010 21:12
Zickenbaendiger grabbed "Mince #2" from GC1R2BV History
to munich...
24. April 2010 20:56
Kronn grabbed "Mince #2" from GCQZC6 History
Vezmu ji do Londýna za dva týdny.
19. April 2010 22:08
Hawwwran put "Mince #2" into GCQZC6 History
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