Rybka (Show map with travel history)

Property of Dragon.ka, travelled 4151.6km

In hands of anonymous user "Rabbitt Hill"

Fish - Rybka

Goal of this item
Swim to the world :-) - Plout po světě :-)
16. June 2013 09:59
Rabbitt Hill grabbed "Rybka" from GC48DD1 History
15. June 2013 23:40
Peebri put "Rybka" into GC 48DD1 History
Gedropt in de echtensedijk
08. June 2013 23:00
PeeBri grabbed "Rybka" from GC2NK82 History
Found it in lorkenspeelbos
31. May 2013 20:26
Mihar grabbed "Rybka" from GC48N7X History
19. May 2013 19:08
LiLa.Ni discovered "Rybka" in GC48F5P History
Vandaag gezien in deze cache.
19. May 2013 19:05
Kees discovered "Rybka" in GC48F5P History
Gezien in deze cache
08. May 2013 22:01
Wandelaars88 grabbed "Rybka" from GC3XFPQ History
This one is going with me to another cache.
05. May 2013 20:07
Pape-citytravellers put "Rybka" into GC3XFPQ History
25. April 2013 17:39
Pape-citytravellers grabbed "Rybka" from GC41ATO History
oke , we see at the last log the cache code. Never had a trackable from this site. we shall put it in another cache inHolland
25. April 2013 17:32
Pape-citytravellers grabbed "Rybka" from somewhere else
don't know wich cache. Don't know what i must do with this trackable
21. April 2013 21:43
JoMe1992[TeamSCK] put "Rybka" into GC41AT0 History
Because of the reason, that I can't log this TB on Geocaching.com, I dropped off this TB very fast. I don't like this kind of TBs.
21. April 2013 10:19
JoMe1992[TeamSCK] grabbed "Rybka" from GC419K2 History
Take this TB out. I will where I can find a nice Cache for this.
31. March 2013 08:49
Fischers4 grabbed "Rybka" from GC3HTE9 History
Diesen kleinen TB aus dem Cache Bonus# Der verlorene Schatz der Burg-Pungelscheid befreit... Bald geht ans Wasser!
23. March 2013 11:13
Winnetou jura grabbed "Rybka" from GC3EVB0 History
'Ab in den nächsten Cache
08. March 2013 22:00
*Spatzel* grabbed "Rybka" from GC2X2TY History
und weiter gehts...
17. February 2013 17:10
Lore45 grabbed "Rybka" from GC2351Y History
weiter geht es nach Witten
25. January 2013 11:22
Cyberchris put "Rybka" into GC2351Y History
Hier geht deine Reise jetzt weiter.
19. January 2013 13:29
Cyberchris grabbed "Rybka" from GC2R3XC History
Bei einer Cachekontrolle habe ich den Kleinen entdeckt. Jetzt trage ich ihn ein Stück weiter.
18. October 2012 17:35
Elsta grabbed "Rybka" from GC34XN6 History
06. October 2012 16:42
FonB put "Rybka" into GC34XN6 History
04. October 2012 17:49
FonsB grabbed "Rybka" from GC3M36C History
Found it at the 15th BaWeKo.
15. July 2012 20:00
Greendragonii grabbed "Rybka" from GCJF0Y History
07. August 2011 00:10
Dragon.ka put "Rybka" into GC1KH7G History
Startovní :-)
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